Utvecklar pedagogiska idéer till digitala och fysiska läromedel.


Space Math Hero, our new math game app!

Space Math Hero was launched at the math show, Matematikbiennalen, at Karlstad University in Sweden on th 28th – 29th of January 2016.

Crowded in our booth.



CJ Pedagog proudly presents its first major project. TRIOMATH!

Together with inFocusmedia iFoM AB, Kalmar, Sweden we have developed an exciting math game application, the TrioMath for iPad. From the world of education and teaching, this educational math game was developed over several years and is now being launched as an App available on the AppStore for anyone globally! Quite a thought for a 66 year old teacher.  Read more!



Our extensive knowledge and experience from years of school teaching is our main strength. Our continued ambition, to develop educational ideas into digital as well as physical learning materials. Our product offerings will be used at school and for education primarily, however families and adults will also find them fun, useful and informative.

What’s next?

As Triomath became increasingly popular and much-appreciated we worked on a laboratorial and educational project to continue making the mathematical position or navigational system more understandable. So far only manufactured in a Swedish elegant wood version.

We will continue working with our partners at inFocusmedia AB and develop our other ideas into popular applications.