How to play

Utvecklar pedagogiska idéer till digitala och fysiska läromedel.

Instructions and ideas about how you can play TrioMath for iPad!


Please share your ideas with us and we will publish them here.

Purchase the premium version at $2.99 to avoid ads and get the bonus game pieces Fire and Water.

The competitive element is to achieve pieces that lays adjacent to the already captured ones. You try to discover a calculation that will provide you the desired result. Using this exact process when you calculate back and forth to discover the most favorable result, improves your skill of calculation dramatically.

You can drag your cards to desired position.

The yellow bonus pieces will give you 100 points, that´s twice the normal points. And of course you get the normal extra 10p for each adjacent piece.

If you capture a Fire piece (red), it will burn away both yours and the other players achieved points on the adjacent pieces.

If you capture a Water piece (blue) it will rinse away the achieved pieces but no points will be deducted.

During the game you will see two gleaming symbols in the upper left corner. If you play with others, click the arrows and skip your turn to play. If you click the settings symbol you may choose to quit the game.

If you choose “Card 1 – 10” you will not get the Jack, Queen or the King of cards, which will make the calculations easier for younger children.

Speaking of younger children - play without parenthesis.

Calculations showing negative results cannot be used.