Utvecklar pedagogiska idéer till digitala och fysiska läromedel.

Space Math Hero

Best App to Learn Basic Math Operations 2016.  Our Review

Your mission: Saving the planets from evil monsters!

Be the Space Math Hero in this exciting math game. With mental calculations and your spaceship as your weapon, you fight for the survival of the planets where evil math monsters attempting to destroy the Universe.

Charge your lasers byanswering quickly and correct. Check the planetary map to view your progress.Your mission is to save the Earth and the other planets in the Universe.

Practice your skills in the exercise area, containing addition, subtraction, division and multiplication tables. Your skills are crucial in your fight against the monsters in the game. Are You ready to become a Space Hero?


. Developing and creative mental arithmetic (or “calculations” as this is more mainstream language and more understandable for the demographic of players you are targeting.

. Challenges and levels suitable for ages 5-15

. Developed with and by teachers in mathematics

. The four basic arithmetic (again, you may want to use “calculations”and omit operations) operations are used in a creative way: 4x? =,? X3 = 21, 5 =? - 4,? / 4 = 3

. Create and switch between unlimited number of players (great for classrooms)

. Do not require an internet connection or online registration

. No advertising or in-app purchase


. 3 different difficulty levels, Ages 5-10, 7-12, 10-15

. More than 6,000 problems to solve

. Fun and stylish game that encourages learning

. Save results and levels and switch freely between players

. Built-in instructions

. Structured and progressive difficulty levels

. Problems includes pairs of 10 and pairs of 100

. Custom fraction and percentage challenges for mental arithmetic (or calculations)

. Easy decimal problems suited for mental arithmetic

. Individual reward or score system with unlimited ability to improve your results


. Structured learning of all mathematical tables.

. Practice tables in sequence or random order

. Saves reward marker for tables successfully cleared without errors

. Switch freely between users

. Stress free learning

Examples of mathematic tasks in Space Math Hero . Read here!